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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

NFT Collaboration

Stand with UKRAINE

A Web3 collaboration to bring together Iconic Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Artists, Musicians and Web3 Evangelists to raise serious support for Ukraine through CHARITABLE NFTs


Web3 Collaboration with 
for Ukraine through Charitable NFTs

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Web3 Collaboration platform with World’s Iconic Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Brands, Artists, Musicians, and Web3 leaders to support urgent humanitarian challenges.

BetterWorld DAO

BetterWorld DAO focuses energy from our grassroots, decentralized community on whatever urgent humanitarian challenges our DAO believes matters most.


Disaster relief, defending democracy, aiding vulnerable people in warzones– any challenges where rapid, community-coordinated efforts can make a critical difference. BW DAO supplements the efforts of existing organizations, tailored in each case to meet humanity’s ever-changing challenges.


Our DAO marshals resources at the discretion of our decentralized community toward relevant NGOs, grassroots organizations, even individuals and their families. Whatever makes the greatest difference.


We enable Changemakers to convert their time and access to charitable NFTs

BetterWorld enables Changemakers (celebrities, artists, investors, entrepreneurs– anyone ready to help) to contribute assets with NFT-able value (e.g.-- personal access and time, collectable items, virtual interactions and others) into a collaboration.

BetterWorld WEB3 Collaboration “Rapid NFT Drop”

BetterWorld creates NFT collaboration with donated assets rapidly raise funds. BetterWorld enables the global NFT and Blockchain community to buy, sell or trade extremely rare Charitable NFTs through our Minting site

Disbursement, Governance and Transparency through DAO

Our DAO-governed system ensures resources are securely collected and dispersed using Multi-Signature Wallets.  Our BetterWorld NFTs amplify impact from secondary sale royalties via smart contracts programmed into the NFTs from first mint. Decentralized open ledger approach provides transparency and confidence in our BW DAO platform.  

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