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Dr. Ajit

Co-founder & CEO

BlueDot Wellness


My story

My story begins as someone who dedicated his professional career to serving others. Whether in my military or medical career, I performed in high-stress situations that were hard on my body, mind, and heart. Self-care took a back seat, and my profession became my primary motivation. I am sure others can relate.


My wellness became a luxury, and I was convinced that engaging in my well-being would make me lazy or privileged. Before I knew it, my lack of self-care caught up with me. The same fundamentals I was preaching to my peers in the military and cancer patients, I wasn’t applying myself. My priority was everything and everyone else.

In 2019, I went on a psychedelic journey in Amsterdam that began to change my perspective. It was an awakening that helped me make sense of the things I needed to change. I became aware of the harm I was causing to my mind and body. It was time to undo the damage.


As the pandemic hit, everything stopped. I took the opportunity to reckon with the fact that my personal life and physical state were on an unsustainable path to ruination. Life stresses had immensely affected my welfare, and I needed to hit the reset button.

I addressed my issues and asked for support (so hard!). I focused on my mental and emotional well-being, which allowed me to prioritize physical fitness and a well-balanced diet. New relationships blossomed, and my work/life balance became sustainable.


I am so pleased to share my journey and advocate for the benefits of integrated wellness practices. I recognize how difficult it can be to start on the path to wellness and the lack of access to quality care. Although my current state is healthy and happy, I know it can be volatile. I remain diligent in inching closer to harmony between my body, mind, and soul. I am committed to myself and all others who want to join me on their journey to wellness.

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