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Wellbeing tools for managing stressful times
Mental Health First Aid
Our Mental Health First Aid is free for anyone at any time. These group sessions ensure you never have to face challenging times alone.
Right now, the demand for care and assistance is immense. We’re here to help. We concentrate on empowering you and giving you practical tools for mental and emotional resilience and the wellbeing you deserve.
An Alliance of Mental Health Professionals

We are holistic mental health and wellness care professionals, licensed experts, and thought leaders who are here to help guide you through your healing and wellbeing journey.


by Dr. Eva Selhub

Nov 2, 7;00pm EST

Tamara D Franklin

Tamara believes social work was her chosen path. She followed in the footsteps of many family members, offering supportive services to individuals and community members experiencing extreme hardships. Over the last 25+ years Tamara has worked in an array of disciplines from mental health technician to a mid-level executive director with over 32 awesome employee's. Currently as an entrepreneur she is living out her dreams and true passion as a holistic life coach, as the owner of The Divine Origin LLC. Tamara believes in everyone's innate ability to heal themselves creating internal peace and natural homeostasis. Yet many are unaware of those breakthrough points to focus on to cultivate the most authentic versions of themselves. Tamara has tested her modalities through her personal journey back to a healthier and self-actualized version of herself. She is currently pursuing certification as a Holistic life

Nigh Asu

Nigh is a Women's Empowerment Coach specializing in helping women navigate life's challenges. With 12 years of private practice experience and 3 years at the MAP Coaching Institute, she focuses on guiding women to leave abusive relationships, especially those involving narcissistic partners, through her "Awakening" program. She also support parents raising children with Aspergers through "Finding My Way." Her work has resulted in life-changing transformations for hundreds of clients.

Jelena Katic Ujevic

Jelena is located in Croatia and is a BSc(Psych) in education, Head Coach, and MAP Trainer at the MAP Coaching Institute where she has been working for the past eight years. She is a creator of the Autoimmune Research and When the Body Says YES program, the Body Positivity and Weight Loss Programs. She is currently enrolled in HeartMath and Dr. Bessel's Trauma Certifications to have a deeper understanding of her client's needs.

Margaret Allan

Margaret has been studying the concept of ‘health’ for over 35 years. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a child and has been pursuing optimal physical and emotional wellbeing ever since. As an adult she trained as a Nutritionist and combines her professional training with her personal experience of chronic illness to provide a comprehensive, collaborative approach to the pursuit of health. Margaret understands the perplexing, often frustrating roller-coaster nature of poor health and uses MAP to bring a fresh perspective that can enliven your day and lift your spirits!

Dr. Sandeep Denduluri

Dr. Sandeep has extensive experience in psychopharmacology and many of the primary schools of psychotherapy as well as focused training in substance abuse, pain, and psychological testing. Before completing his residency in Psychiatry, his training included a rigorous intern year in Internal Medicine and transitional year in Neuroradiology and Neurology. His clinical and research experience has been wide-ranging from small mental health clinics in South Africa to sophisticated neuro-imaging facilities at the University of Michigan and UCSF. For the last several years, Sandeep has worked in many inpatient psychiatric facilities and outpatient clinics across the disease and socioeconomic spectrum.
We're in this together

Join us! At BlueDot Wellness, we are dedicated to radical healing, wellbeing and growth on our planet to co-create the world we wish to live in, and pass down a more loving, peaceful and collaborative world to younger generations. Donate your time and care and join our First Aid community now.

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