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Dr. Jenna Foster
After her first career as a scientist cross fields of social psychology and sociology with focus on relationships, communication and interaction in work and labor, and her PhD in regulation of private, social and ecological claims in labor, Dr Jen realized her passion in supporting others and is working as a coach and trainer for over 16 years. Dr Jen is business owner of Soul Guided Healing and serves as a support coach and assitant at the MAP Coaching Institute. ​She is certified in MAP Method, Sound Healing, NLP, Hypnosis, Advanced Energy Healing, Reiki, Ho’opnopono Method, and trained in EFT and Soul-Centered Healing Method. She lives off-grid on Hawaii Island experiencing the Oneness of all Creation. Super short bio Dr Jen (Dr Jenna Foster) Founder of Soul Guided Healing MAP, Sound and Energy Practitioner, Creator of Sonic MAP
Every session supports the client to release negative emotions, transform negative beliefs, and create more freedom, balance and alignment towards their goals and dreams. The process is guided, very gentle, and there is no need to talk through negative experiences or live through traumatic events. While the client is focusing internally, the internal helper we call Superconscious is supporting the brain and mind to rewire and reprogram negative patterns. Every session creates shifts in perception and awareness towards more freedom.
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Dr. Jenna Foster
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