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Eva Selhub, MD
Dr. Eva Selhub is an internationally recognized resiliency expert, physician, author, keynote speaker, and spiritual advisor. Dr. Eva served as an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and as a Clinical Associate of the world-renowned Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital for close to 20 years, serving as their Medical Director for six of those years. She works with clients and companies, and serves on a variety of boards, to redefine the ways in which we approach leadership and wellbeing, encouraging her audience to believe in the possibility of transformation, of connecting with one’s spiritual core, and discovering optimal resilience, joy and fulfillment. She is the author of six books, including, Burnout for Dummies, Resilience for Dummies, Your Health Destiny, The Stress Management Handbook, The Love Response, and the co-author of Your Brain on Nature, as well as multiple meditation CD’s.
Unstoppable Resilience: Creating a Life Full of Hope, Passion, Grit & Joy How do you maintain health, happiness and drive despite the challenges of life? In this transformational talk, Resilience Expert and Coach Dr. Eva Selhub provides the knowledge, skills and tools you need to ease stress, optimize resilience and create a life full of hope, passion, grit and joy. She explains the six pillars of resilience: physical vitality, emotional equilibrium, mental toughness and clarity, spiritual purpose, healthy relationships and being an inspiring leader and part of a wider community or team. Dr. Selhub shares why each pillar is crucial to creating a strong foundation for staving off stress and succeeding as an individual or team. She includes powerful exercises that will help you thrive, create the balance you need, redirect negative emotions into more positive ones and actionable steps that will enable you to overcome adversity, find peace, and become the resilient person you truly are.
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Eva Selhub, MD
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