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Margaret Allan
Margaret has been studying the concept of ‘health’ for over 35 years. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a child and has been pursuing optimal physical and emotional wellbeing ever since. As an adult she trained as a Nutritionist and combines her professional training with her personal experience of chronic illness to provide a comprehensive, collaborative approach to the pursuit of health. Margaret understands the perplexing, often frustrating roller-coaster nature of poor health and uses MAP to bring a fresh perspective that can enliven your day and lift your spirits!
The term ‘MAP’ stands for 'Make Anything Possible'. It is an innovative new method in the field of psychology that finds and clears unwanted patterns that are preventing you from leading a happy and successful life. It neutralizes stress, doubts, fears and negative beliefs, and re-wires your brain over time for more satisfaction and less pain. This approach can help you to work through your emotions and move forward in your life with more confidence and success.
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