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Shanthi Nadesalingam
Shanthi is a certified Mindset Coach in the MAP Healing Methodology and an Emotion Code and Body Code Partitioner. She is also a certified Yoga and Qigong instructor. Based entirely on neuroscience, the MAP Method ™ is an easy, fast, and effective way to find and dissolve limiting believes, neutralize fears, unconscious memories, and emotions, overcome stress and anxiety, and stop self-sabotaging behaviors. The Emotion Code and Body Code is an energy healing modality that can easily discover and decode trapped emotions that are stuck in our body from past emotional experiences. Both, the MAP Method and the Emotion Code and Body Code modalities are safe, gentle, and non-evasive processes that can help you feel more secure, confident, energetic, happier, calmer, creative and more connected to others with less physical and emotional discomfort. Shanthi has helped many individuals transform from pain and suffering to a place of peace and happiness.
Focusing on the most pressing issue being experienced by the participant(s) will be dealt with using the MAP Method (TM); an innovative guided self-awareness tool that can help train the brain to neutralize negative emotions easily and quickly with permanent long-term results. It is based entirely on neuroplasticity. Participants will experience clearing and neutralizing of their most pressing subconscious fears and limiting beliefs, debris from the past, deep-rooted negative emotions, relationship wounds and childhood sadness, including generational and ancestral trauma. These can be 1:1 or Group Sessions conducted over zoom. Sessions can last to a maximum of two hours.
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