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Tamara D Franklin
Tamara believes social work was her chosen path. She followed in the footsteps of many family members, offering supportive services to individuals and community members experiencing extreme hardships. Over the last 25+ years Tamara has worked in an array of disciplines from mental health technician to a mid-level executive director with over 32 awesome employee's. Currently as an entrepreneur she is living out her dreams and true passion as a holistic life coach, as the owner of The Divine Origin LLC. Tamara believes in everyone's innate ability to heal themselves creating internal peace and natural homeostasis. Yet many are unaware of those breakthrough points to focus on to cultivate the most authentic versions of themselves. Tamara has tested her modalities through her personal journey back to a healthier and self-actualized version of herself. She is currently pursuing certification as a Holistic life
Today's session will focus on self prioritization and positive affirmations. We know that so as a persons thinks so are they. Let's take the time to focus on your inherent needs, by centering ourselves.
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Tamara D Franklin
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