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My Story

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BlueDot is an avenue for people caring for other people's wellness

Leah Siegel

Co-founder BlueDot

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I was a professional musician for the majority of my working life. I was very ambitious but in my own way. I wouldn’t bend to industry standards. I wanted to write what I wanted to write. It turned out that what really drove me as a performer was “communication”. I had a deep need to express myself, and it felt as though my life depended on it. 


As a pro, I suffered a handful of the usual trappings of such a career choice. But I didn’t grow up feeling as though I’d had a choice. Singing and performing came naturally to me and I was a clear standout. Shouldn’t this be what I do in my life? There was nothing else I did as well, until I got certified in EFT. 

When I began forging my own way into the world of wellness, as everyone must do on the path to bringing themselves into the complete health and balance they desire, I had no intention of stepping back from my music career. As it happened, through my work in developing my conscious fighting tool The SPAR Method, and using my EFT practice as a framework, my life transformed into one much more livable and loveable. 


I experienced remarkable reversals in my own life and couldn’t deny that I was being called to support others in whatever way I could, that possibly what I had learned could help them too. But it wasn’t until I walked my dear friend Tim Luntzel to the end of his life after a 2 year battle with ALS, that I started to allow myself to heed the call. I naturally became less interested in the music industry, and more profoundly obsessed with Wellness and Care and how I could help. 

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Since his passing in August 2017, I’ve dedicated my life to the work of exploring possibilities over limitations, trying to understand what is hurting us most and thinking beyond the boundaries our constructs have set.

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I believe in creating choices for people

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