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Co-founder & Wellness Director, BlueDot

Miriam van Groen

BlueDot will revolutionize our collective wellbeing.


As a recovering self-critical perfectionist I had to take a long and winding road to feeling better in my body, mind and life. My identity was very hung up on being smart and doing ALL the right and important things really well. Of course, I always fell short of my own expectations and felt undeserving, exhausted and disconnected. 

My wellness journey began with my mom dragging me to a kinesiologist and family constellation workshops (systemic work). I then started getting into yoga and meditation (Tibetan 5 Wisdoms), I found Authentic Relating and Circling, Ecstatic Dance, voice liberation and music therapy, and various types of breathwork and bodywork. These modalities nourished me and gave me tools to navigate my inner and outer world more wholesomely. And yes, I regularly engaged with psychedelics. Mostly with friends at celebrations, sometimes alone. I had accidental and intentional breakthrough moments where the stuff I’d learn in workshops would suddenly land in a much more embodied way. The most memorable one was a moment where I danced with a really sweet version of myself - the one others were able to see, but that I was so critical of. It literally clicked into place that it made much more sense to be kind to myself.


Yet I still had to have the almost obligatory burnout, when I ‘lost’ my job, home and decade-long relationship in the span of a week. My body was done asking me nicely for a break. It needed to stop being treated as a brain-taxi and it was high time for me to learn its language. I needed true restoration rather than quick-and-dirty recuperation. The modalities I had learned at breakneck speed finally had a chance to integrate. I started a business that truly serves people and it grew steadily over the last 6 years. Never would I have imagined that people would describe me as grounded, non-judgemental and present, yet here we are. 

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