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Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness is a self-help and personal development movement that offers a range of tools, techniques, and philosophies aimed at expanding consciousness, promoting personal growth, and facilitating change in various areas of life. Founded by Gary Douglas in the 1990s, Access Consciousness has gained a following through workshops, seminars, books, and online resources.

Key aspects of Access Consciousness:

  1. Consciousness and Awareness: Access Consciousness places a strong emphasis on consciousness and awareness as catalysts for change. The movement encourages individuals to become more aware of their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in order to create greater possibilities and choices in their lives.

  2. Clearing and Releasing: One of the core practices of Access Consciousness is a technique called "The Bars." This involves lightly touching specific points on the head that are believed to correspond to different aspects of life. The process is said to help release limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, allowing for greater mental and emotional freedom.

  3. Questioning: A central element of Access Consciousness is the use of questions to challenge assumptions and expand perspectives. By asking questions, individuals are encouraged to explore different angles and possibilities, leading to greater clarity and new insights.

  4. Choice and Contribution: Access Consciousness emphasizes the importance of making conscious choices in all aspects of life. It also encourages individuals to contribute positively to the world and to others.

  5. Energy and Vibrational Healing: Access Consciousness incorporates concepts from energy healing and alternative therapies. It proposes that shifting energetic patterns can lead to shifts in physical and emotional well-being.

  6. Limitation Dissolving: The movement promotes the idea of dissolving limitations, whether they are self-imposed beliefs, societal expectations, or conditioned behaviors. By letting go of limitations, individuals are encouraged to embrace their true potential.

  7. Diverse Techniques: In addition to The Bars, Access Consciousness offers various other techniques, processes, and classes aimed at personal empowerment, body awareness, relationships, finances, and more.

It's important to note that Access Consciousness has a unique approach that might not align with traditional psychological or scientific perspectives. While some individuals have reported positive experiences and personal growth through their involvement with Access Consciousness, the movement has also been met with criticism and skepticism from various quarters.

As with any personal development approach, it's advisable to approach Access Consciousness with discernment and critical thinking. If you're interested in exploring its techniques and philosophies, consider researching and understanding its principles and practices thoroughly. Additionally, if you have any underlying mental health concerns or serious life challenges, it's recommended to seek guidance from qualified mental health professionals or healthcare providers.

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