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Dr. Eva Selhub on Resilience

Adversity is a rule, not an exception. There is no way around it, and in fact, the body and mind are designed to handle stress and to use stress to get stronger and more vibrant, when done in balance, an ability that is lost when the mind is not attuned to the body and to the surrounding environment, and when your spirit is not aligned with your mind. When balance and the mind-body-spirit connection are lost, pathological consequences arise, be it deteriorating health, failing relationships, poor business decisions or strategic thinking.

Whether you are an individual trying to manage health problems, life difficulties, relationship issues or an organization attempting to find strategies and solutions to succeed in changing times, Dr. Selhub will use her laser coaching abilities, scientific knowledge, and spiritual guidance, to hone in quickly and efficiently on the core problems, and guide you to activate the six pillars of resilience, discover your spiritual direction and purpose, to enable you or your organization to thrive:

  • Physical vitality and vigor

  • Mental and emotional clarity and equilibrium

  • Spiritual awareness and purpose

  • Relationship balance and social support

  • Team leadership and culture

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