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How To Rewire Your Brain To Release Money Anxiety

Have you been feeling anxious about your finances? Or have you noticed others around you experiencing this debilitating anxiety? Anxiety around money frequently happens to people who do not have a coping strategy, which is very common for those with unresolved money traumas.

Healing money anxiety is one of the top requests we keep seeing, week after week, through the MAP Coaching Institute. MAP works so well to neutralize painful memories and limiting beliefs that perpetuate a state of lack. We are thrilled to witness so many of our clients switch from feeling anxious to being more present and focused to have better financial health.

One of our clients, Carmina, used MAP to release personal and generational stress around money. She earned more than ten thousand dollars in net profit in the first month of her online business for the first time in her life. Here is her beautiful sharing in the video below:

Use this method to shift quickly from a negative to a positive focus

Whenever you feel anxious, it’s much easier to focus on all that you don’t want in your life. This puts you in a negative state which keeps you trapped in anxiety.

So how do you shift quickly to a positive state?

Try this 180 Method

  1. Look for a wall around you, for example, the wall on your left. Turn your body so that you are fully facing this left wall.

  2. Spend twenty seconds stating everything you’re afraid of regarding your finances to this left wall.

  3. Turn 180 degrees to face the right wall.

  4. Spend 1–3 minutes to say what you truly want about money. Challenge yourself to take as long as you can.

This 180-degree turn creates a complete shift in environment, so your brain can completely shift gears and refocus to a more positive state.

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