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The MAP Method Leverages Neuroscience

MAP Creator, Colette Streicher revolutionized the field of psychology when she learned how to leverage a little-known process in the brain that allows us to open neural connections and rewrite long term emotional memory.


we have easy and unlimited access to unconscious memories. We can

instruct the brain to:

� Find all the memories connected to a pattern and ask the brain to upgrade the

ones that are painful and non-supportive. � Find all the events in a lifetime that are associated with a similar pattern,

experience or feeling and neutralize them all at once, which saves lots of time

and painful moments. You don't have to remember the details.

The best is that you don't need to know anything about the issue. The brain is

aware of its own programs. The philosophy of MAP is future-oriented

instead of past-oriented. We use intense elevated emotions to create new wiring.

We not only neutralize the negative patterns, but we have found it

fundamental to create neural pathways towards a new future. We only clear the

blocks that are blocking the path and then we help the brain rewire itself and create new circuits to prepare for the new positive future.

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