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TRE (Tension &Trauma Release Exercise)

TRE, or Tension and Trauma Release Exercise, is a technique developed by Dr. David Berceli that aims to help individuals release tension and stress stored in the body due to traumatic experiences. It involves a series of simple exercises that activate the body's natural shaking and trembling mechanisms, which can help release stored tension and promote relaxation.

The TRE exercises involve a series of physical movements designed to activate specific muscle groups in the body. These movements are designed to fatigue the muscles and activate a natural shaking and trembling response in the body, which can help release tension and stress.

The shaking and trembling response activated by TRE is a natural and normal bodily response to stress, often seen in animals. In humans, however, this response is often inhibited or suppressed, leading to the storage of tension and stress in the body.

The goal of TRE is to help individuals activate this natural shaking and trembling response in a safe and controlled manner, allowing them to release stored tension and stress and promote relaxation and healing.

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