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Along with guiding sessions, I’m an integration specialist and offer ongoing integration coaching as well as micro-dose coaching.


From an early age, psychedelics and my own inquisitive nature sculpted the person I am today. People find my warm, open, grounded personality and my sense of humor safe and nurturing. My background of naturally rising into the role of den mother to friends experimenting with substances (especially after my own bad trip which made psychedelic research and safety a calling in life) and the years I’ve spent participating in and facilitating Authentic Relating have coalesced into my practice. As a trip guide, empathy is most important to me. People love the sense that I’m really there with them, wherever they are. They are comforted by my presence and my way of reframing what is happening.




Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP)

Internal Family Systems (IFS)


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