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Human by heart, Psychodynamic therapist by trade.


As long as I know myself I’ve been intrigued by life and being human; What is it? What does this mean? And how do you ‘do’ life and being human? Psychedelics (LSD, mushrooms, DMT, ayahuasca) have been and still are a vital part of that exploration. Psychedelics show me different and deeper layers of relating to myself and to the world around me. For me, perspectives change, blockages become clear or disappear and new pathways are formed. It’s these experiences that sparked my fire to become a therapist. Expansion, groundedness, acceptance, integration, in-awe-ness and lust for life: I bring these to a session through my own experience and guidance, my skills as a therapist (NLP, trauma release, hypno- & regression therapy, inner child work, emotional body work, voice dialogue, energy work) and my passion & fascination for all of life.


Family Constellations


Psychodynamic Therapy

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Craniosacral Therapy

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP)

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