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Founder and Guide at Guided Tripping, co-founder at Guild of Guides Netherlands


I love being able to guide people through highly meaningful moments and to offer exactly the thing that makes the moment safe, deep, touching, and positive – in short: auspicious. How did this become my work? After years of immersing myself in a great variety of personal and spiritual growth methods, as well as enjoying psychedelics for both recreational and growth purposes, a friend asked me to sit with him while he ingested a psychedelic for the first time. He shared afterwards that this one session was easily as valuable as a year of therapy. What I learned that day and have honed ever since is that my presence and care allow people to relax into their trip. I offer them mirrors, reframes, and interventions that have a big impact because they are injected into a deeper layer of their being – a layer that becomes much more easily available because of the substance they ingested. The presence, intuitions, and skills I bring to the session, using modalities such as circling, constellation and systemic work, voice dialogue, and intuitive bodywork, make sure that the whole experience (including intake, preparation, and aftercare) is not only safe, but exciting, insightful and effective.


Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP)

Burnout Coaching


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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