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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

A Pivotal Moment in History

Stand with UKRAINE


Join the Web3 Collaboration with 
to raise support for Ukraine through charitable NFTs

Peace Protest



NFT fundraising is a transparent mechanism that builds reciprocity & trust. NFTs are powered by blockchain and that means that all transactions are on a public record for anyone to access and view. 

Our Inspiration

Why are we doing this?

Just like "Global Citizens", “Live Aid” or “We are the World” created music collaborations for supporting humanitarian crises in the past, the BetterVerse Foundation has created an   NFT collaboration to support the Ukrainian people. 

​Together we can do a lot. Together we can amplify our unified, global voice.

​We are confident that the  Betterverse-NFT collaboration will help garner significant financial support and demonstrate the power of democratic societies through the use of Web3 technologies.


Together, let’s create a BetterWorld

Our supported organizations

We are partnering with the most reliable & trustworthy organizations on the ground in Ukraine, those who know what’s needed and how to deliver. 


A few of our partners include:


Sunflower Of Peace

Sunflower of Peace Foundation is a Boston, USA-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 47-2620675). Our current mission is to support the people of Ukraine affected by the Russian military invasion. We collaborate with a global network of established organizations and institutions that are committed to helping Ukraine in this situation.

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